Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Making Music with Meeow!

I came across a great series of books by Sabastien Braun.  Meeow is a creative little cat who turns pots and pans into a marching band, a cardboard box into a fire truck, and some chairs into a train.  The words are simple and the illustrations cute and colorful.  Best of all, they set up an irresistible invitation for children to use their imaginations.  

After hearing this book, Teo industriously set about gathering drums of all sorts (as well as a drum stick for each).  I also read the book to my class, and they went on to happily bang on a variety of pans and bowls.  

My little musician also had the great idea of playing a song by stomping on several squeaky dog toys.  I was pretty impressed that he could stomp, sing and strum the guitar at the same time.  Not sure I could manage that!


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