Monday, July 2, 2012

Tin Foil Painting

It can be very intriguing to paint on something other than paper.  Foil offers some interesting qualities - shiny, crinkly, smooth (or crumpled).  I presented this activity already taped to a construction paper frame to avoid tearing, but you could also just give your child a piece of foil by itself.  Because it is so malleable, it might turn into a painted sculpture instead of a flat piece. Try a very large sheet of foil, or a small one for different experiences.  

Another option, which you can demonstrate for your child, is to spread paint all over the foil (hands work best for this), and then use a finger or the other end of a paint brush to scrape a drawing in the paint.  This is a fun way for your child to play around with writing letters or his name, too.

What are we learning? 
Art, Physical Science (properties of foil)


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