Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Throwing Paint

As a teacher, I used to be a one-man-show.  I felt that teaching alone allowed me to get into my groove.  When I was hired by the Relief Nursery, I wasn't sure how I would adapt to their team teaching model.  Now, after 6 years, I would never go back to teaching alone.   My teaching partner and assistant offer me encouragement, inspiration, motivation and support.  Not to mention they have awesome activities.  My teaching assistant, Janae, came up with this fun idea.  

Tape a large sheet of paper (or a bed sheet) to a fence or wall.  Give your child some containers of paint and some old wash cloths scrunched into balls and fastened with rubber bands.  Your child can throw the paint-dipped cloth at the paper, or she can walk up to the paper and use the cloth to make prints.  

Other fun ways to get paint onto a large hanging paper or sheet

Throw paint filled water balloons
Use spray bottles or squeeze bottles filled with liquid water colors
Swat a paint-dipped fly swatter or a pine bough
Mix the paint with some sort of thickener, like flour, and throw globs of it
Fill small paper cups with paint and fling or pour it onto the paper a la Jackson Pollock
Dip a paint brush and then flick your wrist to send the paint flying

Any other ideas?  

What are we learning?
Creative Expression, Gross Motor, Physical Science


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